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Handicapping the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct

Every horse race needs a handicap sheet, and the upcoming seven-month race to see if Ward Churchill wins or gets scratched is no exception. We've started research on the 12 members of the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct (which we'll call "SCRaM") that will be reviewing. You can read the latest results of our ongoing search for information about these SCRaM members here. We will include any information we believe might reveal a tendency to lean one way or another in deciding Churchill's case.

March 30, 2005: The preponderance of solid science types (with earned Ph.D.s) suggests that if there is any real evidence of Churchill's misconduct, it will be treated justly. Only the School of Education member (Guberman) has shown outright support for Churchill, while two others, Collins (Law) and Nauenberg (Physics), have voiced their support only for the concepts of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech. The likely nomination of an overly sympathetic member for the one position presently vacant (School of Journalism) could skew the results, but we feel confident in predicting a Churchill loss at this time. 

May 24, 2005: Bella Mody has been named to fill the vacant Journalism/Communications School seat. From a cursory reading of Professor Mody's publications and works in progress, it would appear she has may have Marxist leanings (see number 5 on the linked page). This does not bode well for a Churchill loss. Unlike Churchill, however, Mody also appears to be eminently credentialed--which may skew her opinions against him..

Russell Moore, Professor, Integrated Physiology
Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, Washington State University, Pullman

Cortlandt Pierpont, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ph.D., Brown University

Sanjai Bhagat, Professor, Leeds School of Business
Ph.D., University of Washington

Steven R. Guberman, Associate Professor, School of Education
Ph.D., UCLA; MA, UCLA; BA, University of Chicago
Member, Gay, Lesbian, and Bi-Sexual Affairs Committee
Signed the February petition demanding "the investigation of professor Churchill be stopped immediately"
Signed the pro-Churchill "In defense of freedom of speech" ad that ran in the Boulder Daily Camera

Ronald Pak, Professor, Civil Engineering
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

Bella Mody, Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
BA, English Literature, Ranchi University ( India)
MA, Communication, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D.,  Psychology, Gujarat University ( India)
Signed the pro-Churchill "In defense of freedom of speech" ad that ran in the Boulder Daily Camera

Richard Collins, Professor, School of Law
BA, Chemistry, Yale; LL.B., Harvard
Teaches American Indian Law courses; CU faculty member since 1982
Has provided pro bono legal counsel under the auspice of Native American Rights Fund, California Indian Legal Services, and Navajo Legal Services
Said of Churchill that it would be tough to demonstrate that Churchill's work is so inaccurate that he is an unfit professor.

David Pinkow, Professor (SCRM Chair), College of Music
BM, Eastman School of Music; MFA, Carnegie-Mellon University; DMA, University of Maryland

Uriel Nauenberg, Professor, Department of Physics
Ph.D. Columbia University
Defended Churchill's academic freedom, but said "If [Churchill] had just been a little more thoughtful, nothing would have happened. He did not have to say these things in the manner that he did."
Also a nominee for CU President selection committee

Linda Morris, Program Assistant, Office of Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education/Research

Tind Shepper Ryen, United Government of Graduate Students Representative
Doctoral candidate, Environmental Studies

Joseph Rosse, Director, Office of Research Integrity