CNews 29December05

John Bruce over there In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood reminds readers of the important questions that have yet to be answered about Ward Churchill


The Ward Churchill story broke almost a year ago; interestingly, Churchill’s status at the University of Colorado is unchanged, with the charges against him on indefinite hold. In the intervening period we’ve learned quite a bit about Churchill’s alleged plagiarism and misuse of sources, his alleged violent threats against those who cross him, his allegedly falsified Native American ancestry, and his thwarted career as a Native American artist. We haven’t learned a single new thing about how he was granted tenure at CU without a PhD and without serving the normal six-year probationary period as an assistant prof, when there were legitimate Native American candidates with PhDs applying for the job. All we know is what we learned soon after the story broke, that the administration claimed Cal State Northridge was on the verge of hiring him away, a story refuted immediately by a source familiar with Cal State’s hiring intentions at the time. CSUN never took him seriously as a candidate.

Read it all....

CNews 28December05

Six of Colorado's Top Ten News Stories of 2005 (as selected by the AP) involve schools, three involve CU (Ward Churchill comes in second, just behind Referenda C & D)

* * *

Andrew Sullivan awards his 'Moore Award for Moral Equivalence in the War On Terror' (formerly the 'Sontag Award for Moral Equivalence in the War On Terror') to our favorite Ethnic Studies Professor

* * *

Paige's Page ponders Ethnic Studies' trade-off of accountability for authenticity


I think the obsession with authenticity is related to the lowering of standards. A while back we were watching a documentary on John Lee Hooker, and some guy says, "Nobody can play and sing like John Lee," and it cuts to Hooker, mumbling and playing seemingly unrelated chords and snatches of melody on the guitar. The guy gushing about Hooker's unmatched abilities probably has a Master's in blues guitar, but he's not authentic, so who cares? Hooker is an old Black guy from Mississippi, so of course he can do no wrong in the blues world. You see it in Appalachian studies all the time. I'm thinking about giving a dulcimer to my grandpa, who has never read or played a note of music in his life, and seeing if I can get some ethnomusicologist to write a paper about him in a year or less. I bet I could. After all, he's the real deal, right?

CNews 27December05

Does that come before or after the Year of the Rat...?
The Year of Ward

CNews 22December05

(via MarathonPundit) four anti-Churchill posters banned by DePaul University, because, you know, free speech does have its limits

* * *
Suzan Shown Harjo hands out her 'Mantle of Shame' awards, and both CU and Churchill make the list:


Ward Churchill, who is not claimed by any of the three Native nations he has claimed over his public career as an ''Indian'' activist and ''Indian'' professor at the University of Colorado, for attacking those who exposed him as a pseudo-Indian. This award must be shared with the knee-jerk conservatives who jumped on him because of his lefty statements and with the knee-jerk liberals who jumped to his defense because of his lefty statements.

The University of Colorado for standing behind their ''self-declaration'' policy - which enabled Churchill to market himself as an ''Indian'' academician and as an ''Indian'' writer (after he abandoned marketing himself as an ''Indian'' artist, in order to not run afoul of the federal law that bows to tribal citizenship laws for determining who is an Indian) - and for substituting its judgment for Indian nations' legal decisions about who is and is not an Indian. This award must be shared with Means, who supports Churchill because he has an ''Indian heart.''

'I am Indigenist'

by Jim Paine

Ward 'I Am Indigenist' Churchill has made much of his fight for the rights and sovereignty of Indians (as well as indigenous people everywhere). I'm curious; after thirty years of that fight:

Obviously, there must be other, more pressing Indian concerns that Churchill's been addressing. So, then, what has he been doing with his time?

  • He spends time supporting convicted cop-killer Leonard Peltier.
  • He spends time supporting convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.
  • He spends time (well, not anymore) supporting convicted multiple murderer Stanley Tookie Williams.
  • He spends time protesting Denver's Columbus Day parade.
  • He spends time haranguing (for pay) white middle-class louts on college campuses and other venues.
  • He spends time encouraging (for pay) white middle-class louts to take cleverly unspecified 'actions' against the government.
  • He spends time promoting his books.
  • He spends time chain smoking.

It's obvious there are simply not enough hours in the day for Churchill to effectively assist Indians, and that's why I suggest the University of Colorado - Boulder find some way to free up some time in Ward Churchill's busy, busy schedule.

I'm sure they'll think of something.

CNews 16December05

Blast from the Past
Back in February, Scott Richard Lyons explained Why Indians should support Ward Churchill

[D]espite nagging questions of ethnic exaggeration, which have by no means been conclusively answered, I believe Indians should support him. After all, with all these attempted terminations and removals in his life, how could Ward Churchill, that great warrior of the pen, be anything but an Indian?

CNews 15December05

Didn't see that coming
Churchill's puppet CO-AIM goes after Rocky Mountain News

* * *

Bill Hennessy wonders if Europeans were the first to victimize Americans

* * *

Student to CU Republicans: 'Good job. Now back off'


To me there is no question that Ward Churchill is a thoroughly loathsome individual, and I sincerely thank the CU Republicans for bringing his mischievous writings to light. But now it is time to back off; as much as we may dislike Churchill as a person, the question of whether or not he engaged in any academic misconduct now lies in the purview of CU administration and its investigative panel.

For the CU Republicans to pretend otherwise would be to subject their schoolfellows to unnecessary aggravation, and to display the acme of disingenuousness.

* * *

CU alumnus decides what to bequeath to university (fourth letter)

As an alumnus of the University of Colorado, I recently received another letter asking for a donation. This one struck a chord with me, since it inquired as to whether I would bequeath funds to the institution. It has given me pause to consider all that the University has done for me.

Yes, I am happy with the education, and now that I work for CU, I believe that I have an obligation to do my best for the University. Such reflection is a good thing. Unfortunately, it occurs to me that the University does not always adhere to my values. I have opined several times in this paper about the explosive job Ward Churchill is doing for the school, and I have yet to see the University hire a counterpoint to him. And now we have the issue of Mr. Barnett.

This poor man has been dismissed from his job, right in the heart of the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Holiday Season. ( Pick the politically correct one of your choice. ) Here was a man at the bottom of his game -- a man who once had the world as his Rocky Mountain Oyster -- and now, look what has happened. He has been ceremoniously tossed out onto the street with nothing to show for it, other than a $3 million settlement. I can imagine how devastated he must be. In my mind's eye, I can see this needy soul standing on a street corner, holding a sign stating, "Veteran of the CU system ... can burn buffalo chips for heat ... will coach for food." Surely, the travesty is apparent.

And so, after due reflection, I have decided to give something back to the University ... something that means more than money ( since money does not seem to mean anything to the University ). I am giving the University the same advice that it is appears to be giving me with the request for a bequest: Drop dead!

Wayne Blubaugh, facilities operations, UCDHSC

CNews 14December05

Looks like CU students are suffering from 'Scandal Fatigue'


The joke on campus is that CU-Boulder has a new embarrassing scandal every week.

The football recruiting party scandal, the departure of CU football head coach Gary Barnett, the continuing controversy over Ward Churchill, various ugly, racially motivated incidents and false claims of date-rape drugging have all been in the news in the past six months.

CU students say they are just as sick of reading them as reporters are of writing them.

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CNews 13December05

David Horowitz seeks donations in NewsMax so he can run this "Find 100 Ward Churchills at" ad in 250 student newspapers; Michael Bérubé skewers him for shabby grammar and spelling.

* * *

Ward Churchill joins Fonda, Asner, Sheehan in signing full-page New York Times anti-Bush ad

The ad along with coordinated fliers make radical claims including the following:

"Your government, on the basis of outrageous lies, is waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war in Iraq...

"Your government is moving each day closer to a theocracy, where a narrow and hateful brand of Christian fundamentalism will rule...

"People look at all this and think of Hitler — and they are right to do so. The Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come."

Among those whose signatures appear on the ad are Jane Fonda, Edward Asner, Martin Sheen, Ward Churchill, Cindy Sheehan, and NY State Senator Tom Duane, who seemed to have no problem including his name along with extremists who think America is evil.

In addition to the ad the organization's other planned efforts are to, "...'drown out' Bush's State of the Union address in January," which will consist of, "local actions as well as a national demonstration in Washington D.C. on the Saturday following the State of the Union Address."

* * *

Ward 'the Al Sharpton of Indigenuity' Churchill"[Pr]esiding like God over life and death of a man....he's not fit to lick the boots off," Ward Churchill told the crowd of protestors.

We're guessing he's talking about Schwarzenegger. Hmmm..... Tookie Williams: kills four innocent people. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Junior and Twins. Yep, we gotta go with Ward on this one.

...and the RMN offers you the opportunity to "caption this picture"—said picture features a jauntily-attired Ward Churchill at yesterday's unsuccessful Tookie Williams protest.

* * *

We've been asked what "indigenuity" means.... Our dictionary says:
in·di·ge·nu·i·ty [ ìndìjə nóo ətee ]
masquerading as an aboriginal tribesman, especially American Indian, in order to further one's own agenda, which may be and often is at odds with actual Indian concerns. See also Churchill, Ward.
[Late 16th century. < Latin indigenuitas < indigenuus (see potato-eater)]

CNews 12December05

We're taking our lumps for our diehard (and now very dead) 'support' for Indiana University law professor William Bradford, and in hindsight, those lumps are deserved. All we can say in our defense is we believed his lies for just one week longer than everyone else. Not much of a defense, we'll admit.

* * *

Oh, so now it's our fault
Churchill probe on hold for vacancies (third item)

An investigation into University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill is on hold while a CU committee replaces two scholars who quit because of allegations of a conflict of interest.

The committee assigned to review Churchill's work has not met, CU spokeswoman Jeannine Malmsbury said Thursday [December 1]. The group—down to three members after the resignations of Robert Williams from the University of Arizona and Bruce Johansen from the University of Nebraska—will start meeting when it is complete, she said.

CNews 11December05

Call us negligent: We just noticed that Professor Bella Mody, who joined CU's Standing Committee on Research Misconduct (SCRM) back in May, is also an affiliate faculty member of the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race in the Americas (CSERA), of which Churchill is the associate director (or at least his speakers bureau bio claims he is).

You can read about all the SCRM members (who selected the five—now three—members of the Churchill Investigating Committee) and their various affiliations here.

* * *

Most Definitely Not OT: Inside Higher Education muses on "The Culture Wars of 2005" (via Southern Appeal).

The Roger Kimball essay that provides grist for the IHE article's mill is available here, and well worth reading.

Excerpt from the Kimball essay:

One of the chief tasks for critics of what has happened to academic life in this country is to show the extent to which Ward Churchill, the Kirkland Project, the transgender follies at Smith College and elsewhere, and similar deformations are not exceptions but the predictable result of institutions that have gradually abandoned their commitment to education for the sake of radical posturing.

* * *

You can vote for the Boulder Daily Camera's top stories of 2005 here; choices include Ward Churchill, CU's football scandals, Betsy 'C-Word' Hoffman's resignation, et alia. The story that got our vote was, of course, 'Frozen Dead Guy'

* * *

OT: Boulder Faculty Assembly: Don't fund libraries over faculty salaries


While BFA Budget Committee Chair Jeff Mitton of ecology and evolutionary biology agreed that the publishers' increases are "curiously high" and "a deplorable situation," he pointed out that if the materials budget is increased by 8 percent a year, UCB faculty members would have to give up about $800 of their salary increase, on average, in each of those five years. Mitton added that faculty are leaving UCB because of low faculty salaries, and the original version of the resolution would "disenfranchise the rest of the faculty." Dubin countered, "There are other ways to slice the budgetary pie."

We know how UC could slice $94,000 from that budgetary pie....

CNews 10December05

OT: Tolerance for me, but not for thee, Part MCXVII

* * *

Ward Churchill to be one of the keynote speakers at the 'Save Multiple Murderer 'Tookie' Williams From the Consequences of His Actions' (our paraphrase) Block Party December 12 in Denver (via coloradoindymedia)

Update (12December): Looks like The Terminator has lived up to his name, and that Tookie's block party will be of something less than a celebratory nature.

CNews 8December05

Churchill declines to appear on radio show with College Republican reps until "they return, as I did in my day, from their tours of duty in the current generation’s combat zone" (via Elephant In My Coffee)

* * *

Two days ago, we sent ten questions to Professor William Bradford, hoping his answers would clarify or assuage some of our doubts about his case. He responded yesterday, and we sent some follow-up questions to him today, to which we received an auto-reply stating that he would be out of the country until January.

Since Indiana University has already deleted his profile from their law school faculty, we doubt very much Professor Bradford will be able to retrieve his email by then. But just in case, we have sent the following to that email account:

Professor Bradford:

I have to say up front: Your answers to my questions are singularly unsatisfying. I came to you as a sympathetic outsider prepared to believe you were the victim in this drama. I now believe that you may indeed be the victim here, but of your own caprice and prevarication.

Having now read pretty much everything available on the net concerning your situation, I'm inclined to doubt pretty much anything you say. Ignoring your military record for the time being, I am appalled that you would claim you had received a TRO (and then failed to provide evidence of same), as well as your claim that Roisman was about to lose her endowed chair (and the passage of time itself with Roisman still firmly ensconced in that chair has proven that to be a canard).

As I waded through the months of comments on ILN about your case, I was able to attribute some of the more petty and puerile comments you made to a man perhaps stretched to the breaking point by the circumstances in which you found yourself. But today I finally caught up with your "endowed chair" and "TRO" comments. I read each successive post from you expecting fully to see you provide real evidence that either event was going to or had taken place; those expectations were unfulfilled, and in fact remain unfulfilled nearly two months after you made the claims. Perhaps your claims against Roisman and IU administrators are truebut who could say?  As far as I'm concerned, you have forever impeached your integrity and your character.

Perhaps in the future all will be revealed and you will, as you say, be shown to be an honorable man, but your actions leading up to the present day demonstrate otherwise.

-Jim Paine

* * *

We observe without comment that Ward Churchill will join Florence Roisman as panelists at an "Academic Freedom Under Assault" workshop January 5, 2006.
* * *

According to an email press release we received today from the CU College Republicans, Ward Churchill cancelled his class yesterday rather than be confronted by the CRs as he was last week


"Ward, were all the police officers who rushed into the Twin Towers INNOCENT VICTIMS??? Yes or No!"

Churchill sidestepped the question and began to accost two police officers for not kicking us out. Churchill demanded that we be removed from the building. Yes Ward, the 1st Amendment is a double-edged sword. Churchill, after showing up for the first time nearly an hour into his class, was visibly outraged and irate. He continued to accost the officers outside the building for nearly five minutes.
The email also had attached an "Open Letter to Ward Churchill"
Professor Churchill,

On behalf of the College Republicans and the hundreds of Americans who have contacted us (many of whom lost loved ones on 9/11), we demand several clarifications regarding your statements and writings.

We will continue to demand answers to several questions until we receive them from you. We would gladly accept your “yes” or “no” answers via email and therefore will cease to continue our requests outside your classroom.

Let us make this clear. Our goals do not include your termination as professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, nor do we want to limit your 1st Amendment right to make outrageous claims. Rather, our goal is to get specific clarifications to ambivalent statements. Our goal is to hold you accountable for your statements.

Please answer the following questions:
1. Were all the police officers who ran into the Twin Towers innocent victims?
2. Define who the “technicians” were.
3. Were all the “technicians” innocent victims?
4. Were all the victims of 9/11 innocent victims?
5. Would you prefer that the United States of America as a country continue in its existence as it is known today?

We hope that we can expeditiously clear up any ambiguity as to your feelings about the September 11th attacks. We appreciate in advance your answers to these questions.

With all due respect,

Ian VanBuskirk
College Republicans at University of Colorado at Boulder

* * *

OT: Speaking of resignations, Paul Mirecki, the University of Kansas professor who stepped into the academic spotlight recently with his opposition to creationists, has resigned

CNews 7December05

Maybe they're working their way up to canning Churchill
OT: CU will sack Barnett

CNews 6December05

Call us cock-eyed optimists, but we're unconvinced that the whole story behind associate professor William Bradford's resignation has been told. If you have any information about Professor Bradford's military service, his work at Indiana University, or what might have precipitated his abrupt resignation, email us. Confidentiality will be respected.

Some of our questions concern the disparity between his apparently immaculate academic evaluations and the "poor" vote he received for tenure; the disparity between his claims of military service and what the media says about his service; and most intriguing, did he resign out of shame for having his fabrications revealed, or were there other, more sinister forces at work?

...and Grant Crowell has made available to us the audio of a two-part interview he conducted with Professor Bradford a few months ago. Bradford, an actual Indian (Chiricahua Apache), has some excellent commentary on Ward Churchill. The segments are long, but well worth a listen.

Interview with Professor William Bradford - Part One
Interview with Professor William Bradford - Part Two

Update: See this post for the termination of our inquiry into the events surrounding Professor Bradford's resignation.

* * *

One of Churchill's students opines on the CU College Republican protest


The first thing that I would like to say is that I am a proud student of Professor Ward Churchill. I am in his only class for this fall semester that he hand-picked personally. There are only about 12 of us and it is by far the most influential, diverse, and thought provoking class that I have ever taken here at the University of Colorado.

read it all (last letter)

CNews 5December05

OT: Some people taking Churchill at his word (via The Rant; ht to Jack Ott for the link)

* * *

It looks like we jumped the gun in crowing about breaking the story of the two Ward Churchill Investigating Committee members who seemed inordinately supportive of Churchill. We learned today that the Boulder Daily Camera is disputing our claim, and from the looks of this article by Elizabeth Mattern Clark and dated November 2 (the same day we first noted the supportive comments by the committee members), we share the "glory" of breaking the news story.

In all truth, we have to give props to Ms. Clark, who no doubt filed her story the previous evening (Nov. 1), when we only learned of the committee members' names the morning of Nov. 2, at which time we researched and filed our first report on the apparent conflicts of interest. 

PB can still claim credit for driving the story (thanks in no small part to Professor Johansen's progressively angrier emails to us), since the Daily Camera spoke not another word about the committee until Nov. 12, when it reported that two committee members had resigned. Seems odd that the paper that broke the news failed to follow-up on what most would consider an explosive story, but that's certainly the paper's prerogative.

In any case, our apologies to the Daily Camera for hogging the 'glory' (last item)

* * *

Doesn't anyone tell the truth anymore?
OT: 'Persecuted Native American Turns Out to Be Liar'

* * *

Funny, we always saw ourselves more as 'The Destroyer'
Blogger keeps heat on Churchill
CU professor deems former journalist Jim Paine "a self-appointed executioner."

CNews 4December05

According to an email we received today from the CU College Republicans, they plan to confront Churchill again this week:

We will once again ask Professor Churchill to explain himself this Wednesday.

Join us as we demand the answers to the following questions:
- Who did deserve to die?
- Did the policemen who rushed into the burning buildings deserve to die?
- Did the financiers deserve to die?
- Were all the victims innocent?

* * *

Blast from the Past: Even back in February '05, Timothy Burke, Associate Professor of History at Swarthmore College, had Ward Churchill's number

Churchill’s scholarly oeuvre is practically a guided tour of every trope of identity politics: polemical extensions of the concept of genocide into every possible institutional or social interaction between the colonized and colonizer, erasures of any historical or programmatic distinctions between colonizers in different eras or systems, reduction of all history and contemporary society into a sociologically and morally simple binary schema of colonizer and colonized (hence the remark that the people in the Twin Towers were “little Eichmanns” while Iraqis are literally infantilized into starving babies and nothing more), pervasive indictments of systems of representation, and aggressive assertions of exclusive cultural, moral, political and economic ownership of anything and everything connected with a particular identity group (Native Americans in this case).

Anything and everything can be fed, often with appalling casualness, into the polemic machine he builds: other scholars become, if not heroic comrades, mere “crypto-fascists” (there is no other possible position or posture). Mickey Spillane’s novels are part of a cohesive infrastructure for global hegemony. All power is endlessly and floridly conspiratorial. And so on.

Read it all....

CNews 3December05

Mildly OT: Arguably the most widely-read American Indian historian (and certainly the most cited, by Ward Churchill and other Victims Studies 'scholars'), Vine Deloria Jr. created an impressive body of work--and this article discusses highlights of some of his theories (the book being discussed is Deloria's Red Earth, White Lies: Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact).


Deloria believes that a certain sawtooth-backed "monster" in one of the Sioux tales is really a stegosaurus:

After my speech a couple of the traditional people approached me and said that the next time I came, if I had time, they would take me to see the spot where the people last saw this creature, implying that it was still possible to see the animal during the last century before the reservations were established. I gave their knowledge credence (p 243).
Deloria is telling us that he believes that these "traditional people" have helped him to prove that the scientists are wrong — that dinosaurs did not go extinct millions of years ago; a hundred years ago the Sioux saw the stegosaurus walking in the Badlands.


Deloria is convinced that increased levels of carbon dioxide lead to gigantism; this explains the size of the mammoths and the giant sloths — just as it explains the increasing size of human beings since the beginnings of the industrial revolution. Indeed, Deloria sees the increase of carbon dioxide (which most of us worry about in connection with global warming) as one reason for the increased size of football and basketball players since he was in high school (p 172-7).

and the article draws conclusions:

All of this is diverting, but we should remember that when theology or affirmative action drives science, there can be real-world consequences. Most immediately, we should worry that Deloria's affirmative-action science might work its way into public school science curricula. Deloria puts it this way: "All we ask is respect for the other traditions and some of their versions of origins" (p 187). This is, of course, exactly the disingenuous argument of the creationists, as they strive to get "creation science" into the schools and textbooks: "We are only asking that both theories be taught." But well-meaning academics who scorn this argument when it comes from Christian creationists, often encourage ethnic pseudoscience curricula out of a sense of cultural noblesse oblige. And so we end up with real science for the nice, white suburbs, and self-affirming pseudoscience for the reservations and inner cities.

Read it all....

CNews 2December05

Apropos to nothing: We discovered this fascinating discussion on the mental disorder pseudologica fantastica (we've highlighted an interesting point—again, apropos to nothing)


Psychopaths lie coolly and easily, even when it is obvious they are being untruthful. It is almost impossible for them to be consistently truthful about either a major or minor issue. They lie for no apparent reason, even when it would seem easier and safer to tell the truth. This is sometimes called "crazy lying." Confronting their lies may provoke an unpredictably incense rage or simply a Buddha-like smile.

Another form of lying common among cult leaders is known as pseudologica fantastica, an extension of pathological lying. Leaders tend to create a complex belief system, often about their own powers and abilities, in which they themselves sometimes get caught up. It is often difficult to determine whether the lies are an actual delusional distortion of reality or are expressed with the conscious or unconscious intent to deceive. These manipulators are rarely original thinkers. Plagiarists and thieves, they seldom credit the true originators of ideas, often co-opting authorship. They are extremely convincing, forceful in the expression of their views, and talented at passing lie detector tests. For them, objective truth does not exist. The only "truth" is whatever will best achieve the outcome that meets their needs. This type of opportunism is very difficult to understand for those who are not psychopaths.

* * *

We've copied a number of PB essays and articles to this blog for easier access.

* * *

Mildly OT: mailgeek over at Documenting Insanity on the hooligan antics of CU students at sporting events


[M]ore and more parents will make the decision that some of my neighbors already have. "Son, you can go to any CO college you can manage to get into except CU Boulder." It is happening already in small numbers. Trends can be dangerous things, and Ward Churchill is the one of the least of the serious problems at CU.

CNews 1December05

We somehow missed this September/October Clamor Magazine article titled "Under Attack: Free Speech on Campus"


[Ward] Churchill said the support he’s received from everyday people has been immense: “Baggage men, people on the street. They understand the resonance of ‘fuck you.’ They have a sense that I said ‘fuck you’ to these people and that’s alright by them.” But he warned against activists focusing too much on any one professor’s cause saying, “Writing letters for me and such is all good but we got a national problem here. People need to stand on their rights and understand this isn’t just about me.”

* * *

photo courtesy CU College Republicans

(more pictures and commentary available here)

Rocky Mountain News: 'Challenging Churchill: College Republicans stage confrontation outside class'

Daily Camera: 'Clash of the Student Protesters'

Colorado Daily: 'A Provacative Display' (photo and cutline on front page only)

The Denver Channel (ABC affiliate): 'College Republicans vow continued protests'

WordNetDaily offers up its usual thinly-concealed rehash of others' work

...and from an mass email about the event from CU's College Republicans:

As seen on Fox31 News, Ward Churchill took a swipe at our camera during our confrontation on Wednesday. While the College Dems decided to take this event off (citing that Ward Churchill has been misquoted by the media), College Republicans showed up in strong numbers to demand that Ward Churchill identify who DID deserve to die. His response: “I’ll start circling names as soon as you start circling the names of babies.” We are guessing that was not a pro-life statement, but rather a reference to Iraq. So, Churchill has now identified himself with the “Bush lied, babies died” crowd. One student had to be escorted away as he tore up our literature. Another of Ward Churchill’s Indian friends had to be restrained by Churchill himself. Later, Churchill’s friend attempted to put a spell on us in an Indian dialect. All College Republicans are still alive as of yet.

* * *

Interesting note at the tail end of the Daily Camera's coverage of the protest outside Churchill's office:

A newly formed committee charged with investigating seven allegations of research misconduct [against Churchill] has not met yet, said CU spokeswoman Jeannine Malmsbury. The group is attempting to replace two scholars who resigned from the committee last month, she said.

Professor Ward Churchill — The Imam of Indigenism


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