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Thanks to all the great people at Little Green Footballs, especially Dianna, mommydoc, Ariana, Pamela, Axiom, zombie, and Sarah D, for their untiring efforts. Thanks also to independent contributors sbprice, Cedarford, Stygius, and to Joshua Sharf of View From a Height. Many (if not most) of our links are courtesy of the aforementioned's sleuthing.

Blog acknowledgements:
Luckily for us, we find increasingly that we are not chronicling "Churchill's Last Stand" alone. A number of excellent blogs have sprung up concurrent to pirateballerina, and have delved deeper into the pool (what type of pool we leave as an exercise for the student) of Churchillania than this "simple case of 'academic freedom'" might seem to merit.
Among the must-reads are:
Blogs for Industry
In the Shadow of Mt. Hollywood
the aforementioned Stygius
and Joshua Sharf's Denver-based Views from a Height (Sharf may have the distinction of blogging seriously about Churchill a full week before everyone else)

This just in (02-14-2005) (warning: self-congratulatory post ahead!): The Chronicle of HIgher Education notes that LGF was the first to be all over the Churchill story. Viva la Internet, and Viva Little Green Footballs!

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About PirateBallerina

The website presents an aggregation of links to various sources of news, editorials and information about Ward Churchill. This list is neither complete nor should what is said at each link be considered accurate without outside verification. If we make a statement, wherever possible, we’ve provided a link back to the source we use. If you find an inaccuracy or have further information, please don’t hesitate to post a note.

One last note: If you want to give us a tip to a new source of Ward Churchill-related news, email That's the fastest way to get info to us.

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Contact Information for CU Regents, Other Academics

[editor's note: If you choose to correspond with the CU Regents (or any other officials listed, for that matter), please keep your correspondence brief, to the point, and above all civil. You have nothing to gain by acting foolish or vulgar.]

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Chancellor Jack Miller
Office Phone: (262) 472-1918
[editor's note: Miller is responsible for the uncancellation of Ward Churchill's appearance there next month. He considers this a Freedom of Speech issue, rather than an academic integrity issue]

Churchill's CU 30-day Review Board:

Phil DiStefano Interim Chancellor
17 UCB, Regent 301 Boulder, CO, 80309
(303) 492-8908

David Getches Law Dean University of Colorado School of Law
208 Fleming Law Building, 401 UCB Boulder, CO 80309
(303) 492-4475

Todd. T. Gleeson Arts & Sciences Dean
275 UCB, College of Arts & Sciences Boulder, CO 80309
(303) 492-3106
(303) 492-7294 fax (303) 492-4009
University of Colorado System President
Elizabeth Hoffman
35 SYS, Office of the President Boulder, CO 80309
(303) 492-6201

CU Regents---------

D= Democrat

At Large
Dr. Peter Steinhauer (D.D.S.)
7492 Spring Drive
Boulder, CO 80303
303-499-1278 (fax 303-543-2351)

District 2
Ms. Cindy Carlisle
411 Spruce Street
Boulder, CO 80302
303-444-2606 (fax 303-444-0057)

District 7
Ms. Patricia Hayes
12575 East Bates Circle
Aurora, CO 80014
303-369-0054 (fax 303-740-8409)
District 1
Mr. Michael Carrigan
555 Seventeenth Street, Suite 3200
Denver, CO 80202
(303)-295-8314 (fax 303-975-5489)

District 4
Mr. Tom Lucero
P.O. Box 921
Johnstown, CO 80534
970-978-1142 (fax 970-587-0920)
* Please send communications as an attachment to his email when possible
At Large
Mr. Steve Bosley
P.O. Box 270509
Louisville, CO 80027
303-604-2313 (fax 303-604-2313)
District 5
Mr. Jerry G. Rutledge, Chair
2745 Springmede Court
Colorado Springs, CO 80906-3716
719-527-8868 (fax 719-632-7694)

District 6
Mr. Paul Schauer
7255 South Jackson Court
Centennial, CO 80122
303-770-3872 (fax )
District 3
Ms. Gail Schwartz, Vice Chair
P.O. Box 6578
Snowmass Village, CO 81615
970-925-3013 (fax 970-544-4632)

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Churchill's Publications & Publishers

Even though some have said that Churchill has been published only in "the vanity press," it appears that he has, in fact, mostly been published by non-peer-reviewed publishers. It is clear with even the most cursory inspections of the various backlists, that with the possible exception of Routledge, Churchill's publishers cannot be considered academic or scholarly publishers, but rather radical leftist agenda-driven publishers.

The format is:
Publisher's "about us" blurb

On the Justice of Roosting Chickens : Reflections on the Consequences of U.S. Imperial Arrogance and Criminality
Perversions of Justice : Indigenous Peoples and Anglo-american Law
Life in Occupied America
Speaking Truth in the Teeth of Power : Lectures on Globalization, Colonialism, and Native North America
Confronting The Crime Of Silence: Evidence Of U.s. War Crimes In Indochina (co-author)
AK Press
"AK Press Distribution is part of AK PRESS, Inc., the American branch of AKA Books Co-Operative Ltd., a workers’ co-operative wholly owned by its members. All decision-making, including which titles we distribute and what we publish, is made collectively[....]
"Our goal is to make available radical books and other materials, titles that are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants, titles with which you can make a positive change in the world. The sorts of books we stock are less and less available from the corporate publishers, booksellers & websites."

Pacifism As Pathology: Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America (Ward Churchill, Co-Author)
Arbeiter Ring [ed. note: link returned "server not found" at time of this writing]
[note: info provided from MSN Search cached page] "Arbeiter Ring ("Worker's Circle") borrows its name from the radical Jewish fraternal organization. A century ago, socialist and anarchist locals of the Arbeiter Ring were active on the political and cultural level in Winnipeg, including participating in the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike and organizing Emma Goldman's visits to the city. ARP is not-for-profit (likely a redundancy in Canadian book publishing these days), and organized as a workers' collective. Our understanding of workplace democracy is heavily informed by "participatory economics" (parecon), a model developed by Arbeiter Ring author Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel. Parecon is a type of economy proposed as an alternative to contemporary capitalism; its underlying values are equity, solidarity, diversity, and participatory self management."

A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present
Perversions of Justice : Indigenous Peoples and Anglo-american Law
Kill the Indian, Save the Man : The Genocidal Impact of American Indian Residential Schools
Struggle for the Land : Native North American Resistance to Genocide, Ecocide, and Colonization
Fantasies of the Master Race: Literature, Cinema and the Colonization of American Indians
City Lights Books
"Welcome to City Lights! Co-founded by poet/painter Lawrence Ferlinghetti, City Lights is a landmark independent bookstore and publisher that specializes in world literature, the arts, and progressive politics."

Culture versus economism: Essays on Marxism in the multicultural arena
Indigena Press
No website found, though there is a reference to Indigena Press in a bibliography of "Studies in American Indian Literature"

Indians 'R' Us: Culture & Genocide
Between the Lines Books
"Some call us left-wing, feminist, queer positive, and anti-racist. We like that. One time somebody also called us a "tenacious publisher." We'll stick with that too."

Acts of Rebellion: A Ward Churchill Reader
[ed. note: This is an actual scholarly publisher with a vast backlist of what appears to me mainly "progressive to radical" titles]

The Cointelpro Papers: Documents from the Fbi's Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States
Agents of Repression: The Fbi's Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement
From a Native Son: Selected Essays on Indigenism, 1985-1995
Marxism and Native Americans (edited by Ward Churchill)
Islands In Captivity: The International Tribunal On The Rights Of Indigenous Hawaiians
South End Press
"South End Press is a nonprofit, collectively run book publisher with more than 200 titles in print. Since our founding in 1977, we have tried to meet the needs of readers who are exploring, or are already committed to, the politics of radical social change."

Since Predator Came: Notes from the Struggle for American Indian Liberation
Aigis Publications
"Aigis Publications aims to inform a movement for a free, democratic and ecological society and infuse the popular debate with the knowledge of alternatives that can help us conceive of and create the future in which we want to live."

Indians Are Us?: Culture and Genocide in Native North America
Draconian Measures: The History of FBI Political Repression
Common Courage Press
"By publishing books for social justice, Common Courage Press helps progressive ideas to find a place in our culture. The press provides a platform to spread these ideas to activists and ordinary citizens alike."

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General Churchill Discussions of Interest

American Thinker says:
"Churchill listed the names of over fifty Indians who had died in a three year period at Pine Ridge, site of the Leonard Peltier shoot-out. He suggested that the murdered were all supporters of the radical American Indian Movement and that the murders were not investigated because they were carried out by and for the federal government. He is refuted here, he argues back here and is further answered here."

Students of Hamilton College, one of Churchill's erstwhile speaking venues, have started a blog--HOOPLA--about the Churchill controversy.

Here’s a speaking schedule of Ward Churchill, along with topics he covers:

Here’s Churchill's ZNet page:

Interesting press release (02-02-2005) from the American Indian Movement of Colorado ("COAIM", not to be confused with the national American Indian Movement), of which Churchill is a member of the Leadership Council.

And a series of discussions on NativeNet re Churchill, AIM, and COAIM:

And, to offset the grim reality of Churchill's perfidy, here's an article that seriously discusses the possibility of a link between Churchill's AIM and the Jon Benet Ramsey murder. Yes, you read that right.

Offsetting grim reality seems to be a growth industry. Here, the Raelians name Churchill an honorary Priest

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Churchill's Indian Lineage Questioned and/or Repudiated

Unless otherwise noted, the following documents were first discovered by Sarah D., who posted them on LGF)

Interesting article from a 1994 issue of WestWord concerning the fight between Ward Churchil & friends vs. AIM (thanks to sbprice for the tip) One good quote (out of many): "There are hundreds, if not thousands, of good, sincere white people working with us. They just don't pretend to be something they're not."

While lambasting Churchill's ersatz "confederation of autonomous AIM" organization, the real AIM hints that Churchill is either an anti-Indian government agent, co-conspirator, collaborator, a pawn, or a dupe. AIM has, in fact, has repudiated Churchill in no uncertain terms.

... and (thanks to LGFer zombie) here's a 1999 Indian Country Today article where Churchill is accused of being a cop.

International Indian Treaty Council's (IITC) letter to Churchill officially removing him and Glenn Morris from affiliation with the IITC:
...and Churchill's snidely pompous response:

AIM's editorial cartoon of Churchill

Brief but interesting discussion on NativeNet concerning Churchill's lineage

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Scholarly (and Not So Scholarly) Refutations

The Genocide That Wasn’t: Ward Churchill’s Research Fraud

The General Allotment Act "Eligibility" Hoax: Distortions of Law, Policy, and History in Derogation of Indian Tribes [PDF]

A scathing review of Churchill's Indians Are Us? originally published in the peer-reviewed American Indian Quarterly in 1996 (thanks to Joshua Sharf for this)

Anarchist writer Bob Black weighs in on Churchill (a very long essay, found originally at this url and attributed to an indymedia article that appears to no longer be available--or perhaps never existed)

Reason magazine debunks Churchill's claim (though not directed at him specifically) of "500,000 [Iraqi] kids lost to-date" which he blames on the US. Thanks to Joust the Facts, from whom we stole this link.

There's even some dispute about the authenticity of a "Crazy Horse" photograph Churchill used in his book Agents of Repression (pp.110) which he maintains is of Crazy Horse ("The picture is authentic, okay?"), but others in the Lakota community say is not owing to Crazy Horse's well-known refusal to allow himself to be photographed. [thanks to Diana for this link]

More on Churchill's acquaintance with "facts" (thanks to Dianna for this link):
Ward's world, part 10: the Black Panthers

Men's News Daily Expert:
Ward Churchill's Military Claims False (02-11-2005)

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Churchill In the News

Blasts from the Past:
Boulder's Daily Camera article (02-02-2005) quotes a 1987 Denver Post article as saying Churchill taught Weather Underground members how to make bombs (thanks to Joshua Sharf for this tip)

...and a scan of the 1987 Denver Post article itself, courtesy of KHOW radio (registration may be required, if so, click here) (again, thanks to Joshua Sharf for this tip, who thanks the Daily Camera for the link)) (Note that this article has much information that contradicts claims Churchill has made over the years, including his alleged "Long-range reconnaissance patrol" membership, which seems to contradict his 1980 resume assertion that his military service was as a "Public Information Specialist")
...and courtesy of LGFer Axiom, here's a TEXT version of the above-noted 1987 Denver Post article

From the Rocky Mountain News: Churchill met with Gadhafi (02-11-2005)
and from the AP, a 1983 story about the Gahafi meet (thanks go to LGF's zombie for this)

... and (again thanks to LGFer zombie) here's a 1999 Indian Country Today article where Churchill is accused of being a cop.
... and zombie checks in with yet another 1984 article covering a protest of Lonard Peltier's incarceration from Soviet scientists that favorably quotes Ward Churchill as a "journalist"

Steve Jackson in 1994 profiled another CU professor who lost his teaching job because he was non-Indian (thanks to sbprice for this link):
Interesting article from a 1994 issue of WestWord concerning the fight between Ward Churchil & friends vs. AIM (thanks to sbprice for the tip) One good quote (out of many): "There are hundreds, if not thousands, of good, sincere white people working with us. They just don't pretend to be something they're not."

The Current Debacle:

Hamilton College's student newpaper The Spectator started it all:
Controversial speaker to visit Hill (01-21-2005)

Excellent coverage by the Rocky Mountain News:
CU prof's essay sparks dispute (01-27-2005)
Churchill's statement (01-31-2005)
CU's Churchill resigns as dept. chair (01-31-2005)
Regents call special meeting to discuss professor's views (01-31-2005)
[Colorado Governor] Owens: Prof must go (02-02-2005)
OT but interesting RMN article about the Hamilton College student journalist who wrote The Specator article
Churchill's pickup vandalized (02-03-2005)
Uproar at state Capitol (02-03-2005)
CU regents won't rush to action in controversy (02-03-2005)
Groff alone in voting against resolution (0204-2005)
2 arrested at raucous regents meeting (02-04-2005)
Churchill's membership in tribe honorary only (02-04-2005)
2nd college yanks Churchill invitation (02-04-2005)
Churchill probe ordered (02-04-2005)
3rd Churchill talk canceled (02-05-2005)
Churchill defiant in face of outcry (02-05-2005)
Experts: Professor safe (02-05-2005)
Fiery prof to speak at CU (02-08-2005)
CU postpones prof's talk (02-08-2005)
Newpaper coverage of Churchill's 02-08-2005 CU speech, which had earlier been postponed by CU's Board of Regents, then unpostponed after Churchill went to Federal Court to block the postponing

What one can only hope will be come known as 'Churchill's Last Stand'

Churchill to speak at Wisconsin college (02-10-2005)
CU prof's writings doubted (02-10-2005) 

Boulder's Daily Camera (02-11-2005) article covering numerous Churchill "inaccuracies" in his writings (thanks to Dianna for this link):
Scholars say phrases used out of context (one of the many money quotes: "LaVelle asserted that Churchill was attempting to lend the names of acclaimed scholars to his "hostility toward Indian tribes." ")

The Denver Post notes (02-19-2005) that two members of the CU review board have pro-Churchill history:
CU Inquisitors Praised Churchill
.....while the Rocky Mountain News says:
Two departments at CU rejected Churchill

We initially resisted the temptation to post the second of the stories listed below, since Harvard's president Lawrence Summers has nothing to do with the Churchill story. And then we reconsidered. The juxtaposition of these two stories shows in stark relief the moral vacuity and intellectual bankruptcy of modern academia. (Thanks to Ariana for both links, 02-16-2005) Read each for yourself and decide for yourself:
'Historians Against the War' check in with support for Churchill
Some Harvard Faculty Pressure Summers to Quit

University of Hawaii rushes to capitalize on Churchill's new-found notoriety (02-18-2005).....
Controversial professor to speak at UH
...and the Hawaii Reporter says all are not pleased with the visit:
University of Hawaii Professors Launch Aggressive Fundraising Effort to Sponsor Highly Controversial, Anti-American Speaker

Former boss [of Churchill] questions actions (02-18-2005)

The Rocky Mountain News has this on Churchill's hiring (02-18-2005) (thanks to Dianna for the link):
Prof takes giant leap to tenure

One down, a zillion to go:
N.Y. professor loses post over Churchill controversy (02-11-2005)

FrontPage Magazine links Churchill to Mainstream Liberal Organizations (02-17-2005):
The Ward Churchill Money Trail

Churchill loses yet another speaking gig (02-17-2005):
Ward Churchill not wanted at Antioch commencement

The Rocky Mountain News has a pair of articles about Churchill's rapid rise to tenured professorship and the history of complaints about Churchill over the years (02-17-2005):
Churchill's quick rise 'doesn't compute'
Churchill's tenure at CU marked by warnings of trouble

(02-16-1005) Prof was granted job security without usual review process

(02-15-2005) the Denver CBS affiliate is reporting that Churchill is threatening to sue Colorado Governor Bill Owens over the Governor's contacts with each of the members of University of Colorado at Boulder's board of regents. Owens' office says that the governor is "just exercising his  right to freedom of speech

Nothing says Kilkenny cats like Academics debating Churchill's academic integrity.... posts from numerous Indian scholars, including Thornton and Brown (both of whom have raised concerns over Churchill's scholarship) (Thanks to Ariana for this link!)

We found this late (it's from 02-07-3005), but better that than never:
More Eichmann Comparisons From Terror-Supporting Professor
Money quote:

"To assault the meatpacking industry," Ward Churchill muses in Professor Best's book, "is to mount a challenge to the mentality that allowed well over a million dehumanized humans to be systematically slaughtered by the SS einsatzgruppen in eastern Europe during the early 1940s, and the nazis' simultaneous development of truly industrial killing techniques in places like Auschwitz, Sobibor and Treblinka."
(02-14-2005) Churchill loses another speaking gig

Fellow City Lights author defends Churchill's "little Eichmanns" essay (02-14-2005)
money quote:

"In the essay he wrote on 9/11, I believe Churchill was facing those harsh and dreadful realities, and I believe that essay was his attempt on that day to take love out of the realm of dreams and make it real in the world, in action.
In that action, Churchill is angry. He is harsh. And in the central themes of the 9/11 essay and his life's work, Ward Churchill is right."
The Denver Post checks in with yet another version of Churchill's early history (02-13-2005)

UW-Whitewater prepares for controversial professor's speech (02-23-2005)

"We've had a committee of 15 people that's been meeting practically every other day for the last two weeks just trying to consider every imaginable circumstance that we might need to deal with," [university spokesman Brian Mattmiller] said. "Given the environment and how emotionally charged the debate has been over his remarks, the security is something we need to step up."
As of Wednesday, Mattmiller's staff had issued nearly 60 credentials for reporters from 30 state and national organizations, including Fox News, the Washington Post and three newspapers from Colorado.
Some lawmakers refuse to back down on controversial professor (02-23-2005)

School can't locate Churchill's Master's thesis (02-23-2005)

Churchill defends his views in Hawaii (02-23-2005)

Wisconsin Assembly Urges Cancellation of Churchill's Speech (02-22-2005)

CU President Hoffman To Lawmakers: Don't Be Rash About Churchill (02-22-2005)

"If we approach this issue wrong, not only will every regent be sued personally, but every administrator will be sued personally and professor Churchill will win his lawsuit with triple damages and be back on the faculty, a very wealthy man at our expense[.]"
Churchill, academics persist in casting debacle as 'attack on Academic Freedom' (02-23-2005)

Blogs for Industry has a very detailed and well-researched analysis of the curious case of Churchill's CU employment history (02-19-2005)

Ex-official: No tenure for Churchill[:] California university didn't consider him 'serious candidate' (02-22-2005)

Rocky Mountain News editorial thinks the fix is in on Churchill fitness committee
Panel Already In His Corner (02-22-2005)

Churchill continues to claim tribal membership (02-22-2005, thanks to sbprice for the link):
"there is no controversy among Indians[....] I am an associate enrolled member of the Keetoowah band of Cherokees."
...but Suzan Shown Harjo checks in with her own recollection of meeting Churchill and reveals details of his "Indian" heritage:
Ward Churchill, Pseudo-Indian[:] False claims do real harm to Native people (02-21-2005)

Wisconsin legislature to debate censuring Churchill (02-21-2005)

Ward Churchill prepares to spread his charm in the Aloha State (02-21-2005)

The Rocky Mountain News has an excellent summation of allegations the CU academic committee should answer concerning Churchill's fitness (02-21-2005). Read it and understand this has nothing to do with "freedom of speech" or "academic freedom"

Churchill's file details rise at CU[:] Professor rewarded after Sept. 11, 2001, essay written (02-19-2005) points to this tidbit (02-17-2005):
For Ward Churchill, Who Isn't An Eichmann?

Jodi Rave, who interviewed Churchill while a college student in 1993) has two current editorials in the Missoulian (Montana), for which she works (thanks to zombie for the links):
Professor's remarks only part of controversy (02-04-2005)
Churchill should take lessons from others (02-11-2005)

University of Hawaii professor Robert Perkinson isn't just a disinterested third party eager to have Churchill discuss academic freedom. In this article, Perkinson and co-author Churchill discuss why the anarchists who broke up the WTO protest should be embraced, at least for their superior organizational skills. (thanks to sbprice for the link!)

and here's a newspaper article concerning Ward Churchill's genealogy:
Prof's genealogy is sketchy; he offers little clarification

For reference, here's CU's policy on early promotion/tenure (thanks to Cedarford for these two links):
...and CU's promotion/tenure checklist:


Editorial examines Three of Ward Churchill's Academic Frauds (02-20-2005)

Hawaiian cartoonist who was lambasted by Churchill shares his recollection (02-22-2005):
Money Quote:

During Churchill’s speaking time at the event, this man -- a man who had never met me and refused to do so before and during the event -- included in his speech a reference to me as "vermin," and shared aloud a story of how an unnamed Nazi cartoonist was tried at the WWII Nuremburg trials, executed, dismembered and then cremated. Churchill ended this story with his own personal comment of, "Now, I’m not saying that should happen to Grant, but it would be a good thing. [emphasis ours]"
Here are several more (02-16-2005):

Not Crazy Horse, Just Crazy
Cockburn`s Cockroaches
The Record of a Radical
'Academic Freedom'?
Campos: Freedom unused is abused
Editorial in the Canyon Courier  (02-11-2005) written by the author of the Westword article cited above (thanks once again to sbprice for the link):
When chickens come home to roost at CU

Here's an editorial covering some of Churchill's "facts":
Truth tricky for Churchill

Another Article about Churchill's conflicted past:
Churchill, the man, an enigma

And Indian Country Today weighs in with:
Ward Churchill's No Indian

Dennis Banks editorializes on Churchill with
Ward Churchill 'Academic, Literary & Indian Fraud'

Editorial in National Review Online about Churchill as the poster child for the sad state of the Social Sciences at the university level.

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Interviews With/Articles By Churchill

Here's the essay that started it all!
"Some People Push Back" On the Justice of Roosting Chickens

Stygius points out that we have not linked to the CNN/Paula Zahn interview with Churchill from last week. We're inclined to see the interview as superflous, but it is instructive for those wishing to see equivocation and dissembling at the (honorary) doctorate level: 
Text transcript (raw, numerous typos)

At the risk of seeming uncharitable, here's a link where the Boulder Weekly puckers up and plants one on Churchill's, um, well, just read the interview:
The man in the maelstrom[:] Ward Churchill speaks out on his controversial essay, the media frenzy and what the U.S. can do if it really wants to halt terrorism

Satya Magazine's April 2004 Interview with Churchill.

Shawn Setaro's ZMag interview with Churchill

David Barsamian's 1995 Zmag interview with Churchill

Raw 1993 Interview Transcription (image scans of a fax) with Churchill (covers virtually every aspect of Churchill's life, and contains many admissions--or perhaps fabrications--by Churchill about his life. The jpegs are hard to read, so we've transcribed the raw interview to very readable text
Here are the originals, though, for historical reference (thanks to Sarah D. for originally posting these on LGF):

Talk by Churchill to promote his new book, Perversions of Justice, given at the First Congregational Church in Oakland, Cal., Feruary 22, 2003

Here’s a very long article by Churchill on domestic holocaust:
An American Holocaust? The Structure of Denial

Churchill on Thanksgiving

And here Churchill weighs in on Christopher Columbus with
Deconstructing the Columbus Myth: Was the "Great Discoverer" Italian or Spanish, Nazi or Jew?

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Ars Gratia Artis

And now Churchill can add charges of Art Fraud to his CV

Michelle Malkin has more on the breaking Churchill art fraud story (02-24-2005)

Denver CBS Affiliate reports: Churchill Art Piece Called Into Question (02-24-2005, thanks to LGFer MikalM for the link)

When CBS4 News tried to talk to Churchill about a possible copyright infringement, we received an angry response.

"Get that camera out of my face," Churchill said.

CBS4 News reporter Raj Chohan: "This is an artwork we've got called 'Winter Attack.' It looks like it was based on a Thomas Mails painting; it looks like you ripped it off. Can you tell us about that?"

That prompted Churchill to take a swing at Chohan.
If you want to own one of Churchill's "artworks" you can bid here on e-bay (02-24-2005) (thanks to LGFer theparson for this link)

Churchill speaks of Indian art, Indian artists, and somehow works in Nazi eugenics (note: this piece was "typed in" by a third party, and is not attributed to a specific publication; we have yet to verify that it is, indeed, Churchill's writing)

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Churchill's Personal History

Ward Leroy Churchill was born October 2, 1947 in Illinois. He attended high school (possibly under the name Ward Debo, which The Denver Post asserts was his stepfather's surname; his only other association with the name "Debo" seems to be Angie Debo, one of Churchill's fellow authors published by AK Press) in Elmwood, Illinois where he graduated in 1965.

About a year after graduating high school, Churchill was drafted into the Army (1966-1968)  and served (take your pick) in the motor pool, as a public information specialist, or was a multi-decorated member of airborne-recon. He's also claimed on various occasions to have gone to paratrooper school, and to have been a LURP (long-range reconnaissance patrol--basically hunter-killer units that tracked North Vietnamese targets deep into enemy territory). The motor pool version of his military service is the only one supported by military records. He also appears to have worked for the South Dakota Highway Patrol (1973-1976).

Churchill earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from Sangamon State University in Illinois (you can get an idea of what sort of institution Sangamon was by reading this essay purportedly by two of its teachers).

His work history is sketchy but interesting: he worked for the Rapid City Police Department as an educational consultant, and he worked briefly for Soldier of Fortune magazine (which he claims he "infiltrated"). He also appears to have worked for the South Dakota Highway Patrol (1973-1976). Somehow he also managed find time to train members of the Weather Underground in bomb-making and weapons handling, but he seems to have lost interest in the radical group when several Weather Underground members (Churchill's students?) accidentally blew themselves up in New York.

He applied for and got a tenured professorship at the University of Colorado, Boulder, despite his lack of a doctorate. Listing himself as an American Indian, he prevailed over eleven other Indians who applied for the position, and over the other two who were actually interviewed. He later received an honorary doctorate from Alfred University after serving there as a visiting professor in American Indian Studies.

Churchill has been married (actual and/or "common law") at least four times: Dora-Lee Larson, Marie Annette Jaimes (with whom Churchill allegedly attacked Carole Standing Elk, a grandmother and board member of the National American Indian Movement and Director of California AIM, resulting in arm and face lacerations and a broken wrist for Mrs. Standing Elk; Churchill allegedly took the opportunity to spit in her face), Leah Kelly (for whom the Ojibway Tribe officially denounced Churchill for "serious false allegations and insinuations[...] against Leah Kelly" in a book Churchill wrote about her called In My Own Voice), and Natsu Taylor Saito (a fellow professor in CU's Ethnic Studies department). He appears to have fathered no children; he presently has one step-daughter.

Here's a link to the 1994 News from Indian Country article covering the altercation between Jiames, Churchill, and Standing Elk: Tribunal press conference ends with altercation

It’s a matter of court documents that he would have testified on Mumia Abu Jamal’s behalf had the judge not prohibited it.

Historical Documents:
KHOW Radio (registration required) in Denver obtained some interesting documents today (02-10-2005) pertaining to Churchill's employment at CU (our thanks to milehighretro for the tip):
His 1980 resume, which includes some interesting coursework
Affirmative Action Data Collection Form (showing 11 Indians applied, 2 were interviewed, 1 (presumably Churchill) hired
Faculty Position Authorization Form (putting Churchill on tenure track)
Colorado Affirmative Action Information Form, where Churchill lists highest educational level as 18
KHOW now (02-11-2005) has a portion of Churchill's service record scanned in.

This from Ariana of LGF:

American Indian name: Keezjunnahbeh or "kind-hearted man"
Tribal enrollment: United Keetoowah Band Cherokee
Associate degree: Illinois Central College, 1972
Bachelor's degree: Sangamon State University, 1974
Master's degree: Sangamon State, 1975
Honorary doctorate in Humane Letters: Alfred University, Alfred, N.Y., 1992
Instructor of studio art and art history at Black Hills State College in Spearfish, S.D., 1975-1976
Lecturer, American Indian studies, film studies and sociology, University of Colorado system, 1978-1990
Visiting professor of American Indian Studies at Alfred University, 1990
Tenured professor of ethnic studies and adjunct professor of communications in the ethnic studies department at CU.
Family: Married to fellow CU ethnic studies professor Natsu Saito; one stepdaughter

Although newspaper accounts of Churchill's past cannot be trusted (nor can any others that do not reference original records), here's an interesting Denver Post take (02-13-2005):

"Churchill was born to Jack LeRoy Churchill and Maralyn Lucretia Allen in Urbana, Ill., in 1947 and named after his grandfather. His mother and father were divorced when he was 1 1/2, at a time when divorce was highly stigmatized.

"He felt that stigma, according to one of his high school friends, buddying up with someone who also came from a split home. He was raised by his mother and stepfather along with a number of stepbrothers and stepsisters.

"He was known as "Wardo" in high school, where he struck a clean-cut pose as a student-athlete and letterman at Elmwood Community High School in Elmwood, Ill., a town of 2,100 people 25 miles west of Peoria, where he had lived since he was a small boy. He also was known as Ward Debo for a time in high school, taking his stepfather's name. He graduated in 1965 in a class of 55 students."

Our own research has been unsuccessful in discovering any link to Indian blood in Churchill's lineage. This of course does not mean no link exists, only that we have yet to find that link. Other researchers have noted that, for his part, Churchill refuses to cooperate in any genealogical research, likening it to "pedigreeing a dog." 

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All the News That Spits: Churchill On Parade

Photo Copyright AK Press

Bill Hennessy proposes one way to avoid future 'Churchills':
Do We Need an National Collegiate Academic Association?

Is CU President Hoffman laying the foundation for Terminating Churchill? from the Blogger News Network (02-27-2005)
Email purportedly from Hoffman says, in part:
But the rights afforded those of us in the academic community to pursue our scholarly work come with a heavy responsibility to behave with integrity and professionalism and to meet the highest ethical standards our disciplines demand. These standards create the boundaries within which academic freedom rests. Our work does not happen in a vacuum, but rather is regularly put to the test of scholarly debate and dissection creating another set of boundaries within which our freedom to discover, research and write lies.

When faculty members meet the measure and the moral and ethical boundaries of their disciplines they do and should expect the full support of their university. This relationship between the faculty member and his or her university creates the environment necessary for the nurture of groundbreaking research, essential scholarship and educational advancement that modern society relies upon.

True higher education the process of debate, discovery and learning only functions when both sides of this equation uphold their responsibilities. It is my pledge to you today that this administration will do its part. [emphasis ours]

Eastern Washington Univesity to host O'Reilly-Churchill Debate? (02-26-2005)

Excellent editorial at Arma Virumque discusses the real victim of the Churchill debacle: True Academic Freedom (02-26-2005)

It also follows (and here what Shils has to say is relevant to the case of Ward Churchill) that academic freedom is limited in certain ways. For example, "An academic is not free to falsify the record of his observations; he is not free to forge or misrepresent the contents of documents and inscriptions."
Full-Page Ad to run in Monday's Daily Camera:
200 faculty members call for halt to investigation (02-26-2005)

Well, it's not like they have cause to fire him....
CU weighs buyout for firebrand prof (02-26-2005)

CBS4 has an online poll where you can vote on what punishment Churchill should receive for copyright infringement (02-25-2005, thanks to LGFer Malleus Dei for this tip):

Michelle Malkin has more on the breaking Churchill art fraud story (02-24-2005)

Churchill can add charges of Art Fraud to his CV (02-24-2005, thanks to LGFer MikalM for the link)
Churchill Art Piece Called Into Question

When CBS4 News tried to talk to Churchill about a possible copyright infringement, we received an angry response.

"Get that camera out of my face," Churchill said.

CBS4 News reporter Raj Chohan: "This is an artwork we've got called 'Winter Attack.' It looks like it was based on a Thomas Mails painting; it looks like you ripped it off. Can you tell us about that?"

That prompted Churchill to take a swing at Chohan.
DECIDE FOR YOURSELF: The Hawaiian Reporter has posted an audio clip of Churchill's "I'm not" an Indian speech (02-24-2005) (If you're unable to get the file from that site, try this location)
...and here's a slowed-down version of the quote in question ("cut to the chase....I'm not/on that" courtesy of LGFer jake

'Occupied Iraq' Agrees With Churchill (02-24-2005)

CU Regents meet in Colorado Springs (about 100 miles from Boulder), and extend 30-day investigation period on Churchill to consider 'confidential new information' (02-24-2005)

Churchill scheduled to speak March 26 at San Francisco anarchist bookfair (02-24-2005)

Indian Country Today editorial Blasts Churchill (02-24-2005)
Questionable identity and questionable scholarship

Churchill does not now, nor has he ever, represented Indians. His complex, overly-academic rhetoric clarifies how little he has in common with Native people. His acid tongue, dirty-mouthed sarcasm, self-important posturing, and preachy fanaticism contribute nothing to the challenge Indians face to establish a satisfying position in contemporary society.
Michelle Malkin: Churchill advocates terrorism on tape (02-24-2005)
from the transcript:

Churchill: I’m gonna repeat that, tell me if I got that right: Why shouldn’t we do something and how do you you move so they don’t see you coming.

As to the first part, not a reason in the world that I could see. I can’t find a single reason that you shouldn’t in a principled way there may be some practical considerations, such as do you know how (laughter from audience) you know, often these things are processes. It’s not just an impulse. And certainly it’s not just an event. And the simple answer, although it probably should be more complicated, but I’m not being flip and giving the simple answer, is: You carry the weapon. That’s how they don’t see it coming.

You’re the one They talk about ‘color blind or blind to your color.’ You said it yourself.

You don’t send the Black Liberation Army into Wall Street to conduct an action.
You don’t send the American Indian Movement into downtown Seattle to conduct an action. Who do you send? You. Your beard shaved, your hair cut close, and wearing a banker’s suit.

There’s probably a whole lot more to it, you know that. But there’s where you start.

Well now, don't WE feel foolish: Hawaiian newspaper retracts story
Churchill did NOT say "I am not an indian"
The correction:

The story about Churchill's Tuesday night speech at the University of Hawaii-Manoa said the professor noted that his "white Republican" critics were asking, "Is he an Indian? Do we really care?"

"Let's cut to the chase, I'm not," the quote in yesterday's [Honolulu Star-Bulletin] continued.

But a review of video and audio tapes of the speech shows that Churchill actually said: "Is he an Indian? We really care. We're trying to protect the rights of Indians to divine for themselves, say this circle of flies in the form of white reporters circling a manure pile like it's of all consequential importance. Cut to the chase on that."

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